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The Speaking Engagements


Pinup Julia & Kitty Kat DeMille run a burlesque empire Workin’ The Tease, which has been featured on the Huffington Post,, and Buzzfeed.  Their Internet Burlesque channel, featuring all things beautiful, body positive, & Burly, has produced over a 150 videos with a combined total of 750,000 views on YouTube & Facebook


The ladies of Workin’ The Tease have encountered women, and men, of all shapes and sizes comfortable enough to take off their clothes for perfect strangers.  Question: What gives these sparkly people the gumption to do so?  Answer: CONFIDENCE  (And no, the perfect body was no where near the top of the list!)



The ladies of Workin’ The Tease aim to empower you to in the real world, the bedroom, and everywhere in between! 


Topics covered in the ladies public speaking session include:

  • BEAUTY IS AN INSIDE JOB – True beauty comes from inside.  It actually has another name: Confidence.  Confidence is so sexy… Wear it daily in everything you do!

  • YOU BEING YOU IS A GIFT - Individuality is your strongest of moves so make it bold!

  • IT’S OKAY TO SPARKLE – Never let people talk you into dulling it!

  • BEAUTY IS GRAVITATIONAL –You’d be surprised how much strength you’ll get from just standing still.

  • EMBRACE THE TEASE: FLIRT WITH EVERYONE! – Giving and taking are a vital aspect of every dance, especially the mating dance!

  • BE NAKED MORE – Seriously, it will make you healthier and happier!

Interested in booking Miss Pinup Julia and Kitty Kat DeMille for a speaking engagement?

Please email:

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